TULIP Furnishings business principally Bathmats, Rugs, kitchen linen,  Table linen, Bed linen, Curtains, Cushions and  Carpets, and so on.

The objective is to develop Furnishings Products that are located in clearly identifiable geographical locations that specialize in specific products, with close linkages and inter dependents amongst the key players in the cluster by improving the infrastructure facilities, with better storage facilities, technology up-gradation in pre-loom/on-loom/post-loom operations, weaving shed, skill up-gradation, design inputs, health facilities etc. which would eventually be able to meet the discerning and changing market demands both at domestic and at the international level and raise living standards of the millions of weavers engaged in the furnishings industry.

The broad objectives of the scheme would be as follows:

  1. To empower furnishings weavers and build their capacity to enhance competitiveness of their products in the domestic as well as global market in a sustainable and reliant manner.
  2. To facilitate collectivization of furnishings weavers and service provides for procurement, production, marketing and other support activities to promote sustainable growth and diversification.
  3. To give a proper thrust to design development through creation of design studio and involvement of professional designers.